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Ten Days News

It's been awhile since I've been in LJlandia. I've been crazy busy.

I have new release dates for the Ten Days series from Kensington Brava which are as follows:

How To Lose A Demon in 10 Days August 2012
How To Marry A Warlock in 10 Days September 2012
How To Seduce An Angel in 10 Days 2013

Huge thanks to all of you who have held my hand through this journey. :)

The Dorchester Contest Results

I want to thank all of you for your support. And as a result of that support, you will be able to purchase How To Lose A Demon in 10 Days in November of 2010.

I won!!!!


Your Favorite Entry

Hey guys! This contest is almost over. Thanks so much for all of your support, you guys are so awesome.

Now is your chance to be heard! What was your favorite story in the competition? I hope it was mine, or all of the Textnovel Diva stories, but Dorchester wants to know what you think.

Tell Dorchester here: Talk to Dorchester

Excerpt Goodness

Unsure about signing up for your free, spamless account at Textnovel? Here's an excerpt of my story as an example of the goodies that you'll find there. If you like it, sign up and vote.

Get Your Demon OnCollapse )

How To Lose A Demon in 10 Days

Grace wonders if they can have bad sex...

How else are you going to get rid of a man? *wink* Caspian may be a demon, but he's still a man and Grace only has 10 days to get him kickin' rocks. He doesn't seem inclined to do so, not while she's riding the baloney pony. Poor girl has no self-control, not when it comes to him. Might be her only option.

How To Lose A Demon In 10 Days

Also added over at textnovel is my YA story, Sex, Lies and Pizza.

A friend of mine, not to mention a beautiful tenor, Emmanuel di Villarosa is going to do a cameo in my book. Isn't that cool? There will be blood and violence to Don Jose in Carmen. YAY! If any of my darlings like opera, check out his website, www.musicforahome.com He's trying to sell some CDs so he can keep his family in their home. He was only booked for half of his usual number of performances due to, what else? The economy. Arts are always the first to get the shaft. How much would that suck, only getting half your paycheck? Anyway, check it out.

For those of you reading Demon, let me know what you think. Good, bad or ugly.


Zombie Romance Call

Hey, I saw this today and I'm going to submit. I know there are a lot of talented authors on my f-list that might find this project right up their alley.

It's an anthology for zombie love.


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Saranna Update

Hello, loverlies! I hope all is well in LJ World. I've finished Shanks, Skanks and Blanks and I'm still updating How To Lose A Demon in 10 Days. It's coming along well, I've slipped down the ranks, but that's okay because I'm putting out quality product. When it's finished, I'm sure that someone will pick it up. :)

I'm still trying to find a home for Werewolves Prefer Blondes, but the more I edit it, the more I think maybe it wasn't my very best. It has all the groundwork for good snark, but... sure, it's a good story, but it's not what HTLD is.

I've also discovered that if I drink coffee, I can produce upwards of 8K per day and a numb arse. Of course, I don't really do anything else and after I binge on my words, my fingers hurt for days after. Shanks is really impressive though, I'm very proud of it.

What's everyone else doing? Keep me updated, dearies.

Review For HTLD

Author Sarah Colter reviews How To Lose A Demon in 10 Days!

Thanks, Sarah!


Gay Panic Murder Defense

Are you kidding me? Yes, your honor. I was afraid of the gaybug and stabbed him 672 times. I know he just said hi to me, but it was traumatic because I live in fear of his stalking, homosexual penis. And that worked? Really?

Would it be okay for me to kill a man because he came on to me? Women who kill their RAPISTS still get sent to prison. Or, what if I had fallen in love with a woman and a man hit on me. Could I claim heterosexual panic? That his advances would infect me with breeder cooties? This was a hate crime and this court's ruling is BULLSHIT. Something has to be done.